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2024 BRAID★MASTER Competition in Morrow_Q&A

(Q&A) The frequently asked questions from contestants

Q: Are the models going to walk? Or are the judges going to walk by and do the judging?

A: Yes, during the presentation, the models will walk on stage accompanied by their stylists to showcase their unique hairstyles. Additionally, each model will strike a pose for a picture, allowing participants to capture their styles. Meanwhile, both judges and participants will evaluate the performances. The judges will then select the final three winners from the top five participants chosen by all participants.

Q: Can I provide additional instruments or music during my presentation?

A: Providing additional instruments or music during the presentation time is not allowed. This is to ensure that all participants are judged fairly in the same amount of time and given the same conditions. The presentation will take place on stage. However, I will suggest this matter to the organizing side for next year's competition.

Q: How long will each braider have to complete their look?

A: Each braider will have 3 hours to complete their look.

Q: How long will we have to present?

A: Each participant will be given 2 minutes to present their work on stage with their models.

Q: Is a shirtless man with African body art appropriate?

A: Body art on the model is not an issue. However, please ensure it is not overly suggestive.

Q: I saw in the guidelines that no extra props are allowed, or you will be disqualified. I wanted to attach my model's hair to mine. Would I be disqualified for that?

A: All participants are allowed to use props. However, only the hair that we provide can be used for hair extensions. Other props are permissible, but anything similar to artificial hair or shaped like hair that could lead to misunderstandings may result in intervention by the competition officials during the competition, and this could lead to disqualification. I hope this clarifies things.

Q: Will there be accessories available for us to use, such as butterfly clips, flowers, and tinsel? Or can we bring our own?

A: Participants are allowed to use accessories that are not too flashy. However, you are responsible for bringing your own accessories.

Q: What is the dress code for the model?

A: The dress code for the model is flexible and up to your discretion. However, the outfit should complement and enhance your work without overwhelming it.

Q: Can I team up with a partner for the competition?

A: No, this competition is designed to showcase your unique creativity and individual prowess. It is mandatory that all design aspects are handled solely by you. After your model is set up, it is your responsibility to independently bring your design to completion. Please be aware that any input or assistance from a third party - such as partners or helpers - will be grounds for immediate disqualification.

Q: Can we bring family members to support us during the competition?

A: Absolutely! You are welcome to bring your supporters to cheer you on during the competition.

Q : What will the workspace look like? Will I need to bring my own table for supplies?

A: Each participant will be provided with a styling chair and a table space. However, you are required to bring your own hair kit, including braid lace, accessories, and any other necessary tools for creating your braided hairstyle.

Q: Does the entire style have to be created while at the event? I wanted to add braid work to the outfit my model wears and wanted to see if that was permitted to be prepared prior to the event.

A : In hair competitions, it is typically required that the models' hair either starts with a wig cap or is in a basic, natural, and normal condition. This is to ensure that all the participants are working with a similar starting point and have an equal opportunity to showcase their creativity and skill in styling the hair. Starting with a wig cap or natural hair also allows the judges to evaluate the hairstyles based on their technical execution and design, rather than on the quality or condition of the model's hair before the competition. However, model outfit coordination can involve selecting accessories to complement your work, which can be done in advance of the event. The outfit should enhance your work without overwhelming it.

Q : Will the hair be provided for us on the day of the event, or do we need to purchase it ourselves?

A : Each participant will receive a maximum of 6 packs of 3X X-Pression Pre-Stretched 58” for use during the competition. If you require additional braids, they will be available for purchase at the store.

Q: Will we be styling in front of the other contestants?

A : Yes, all contestants will be styling at the same place and time.

Q: Will there be an audience or just the contestants, judges, stylists, and models?

A : The competition will be held in the store, and customers can be the audience. So, there will be an audience in addition to the contestants, judges, stylists, and models.

Please note that additional questions and answers regarding the hair competition may be updated periodically. We recommend checking the competition's official website link for the most up-to-date information. If you have any further questions or concerns that are not addressed on the website, please do not hesitate to contact to '' directly.

We look forward to seeing all the participants showcase their skills and creativity in the competition!


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