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Join the #1 department store, an amazing place to learn, grow and build your career. Entry-level positions and even many career opportunities at Beauty Master provide flexible options for scheduling. New-hire workers enjoy paid training and competitive wages as well as diverse and culturally rich job settings. If you want an exciting job with one of the largest off-price retail stores in the nation, join our team!

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Cashiers assume the responsibilities of operating computerized cash registers to complete transactions and provide general customer service. Workers greet patrons, scan and bag products, answer questions about products and services, and issue changes and receipts. The position involves a great deal of communication with coworkers and customers. Applicants must possess sound communication skills and friendly, team-oriented attitudes to gain employment. Workers must also feel comfortable performing repetitive tasks and standing for hours at a time. Average starting pay hovers around minimum wage.

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Available Clerk positions provide part-time and full-time scheduling capabilities for entry-level job seekers. Workers take on various departmental tasks depending on the specific area assigned. Clerk jobs include availabilities in the chemical product section, wig section, cashier, storage, professional stocking, and customer service. Many positions require associates to perform manual labor. Applicants in good health and able to carry out sometimes strenuous job duties often receive hiring consideration over other candidates. Clerks' employees also earn minimum wage at the start, with opportunities for advancement into higher pay scales through proven performance and experience gained.

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BeautyMaster also provides opportunities in Management. Job seekers may find careers as supervisors, assistant store managers, and store managers. Fluency in multiple languages may prove necessary for employment as a manager. Candidates must also demonstrate abilities to lead teams of subordinates and competency to carry out administrative tasks, such as scheduling, payroll, and inventory. Managers may work full-time or part-time. Some academic requirements may also need to be met in order to work as retail store managers, including high school diplomas or college degrees. Specific hiring requirements vary by position. 

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