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Beautymaster is the #1 Beauty Supply in the US. Our annual Braid Master competition is designed to showcase the skills of the best braiders in the industry. This is your chance to showcase your skills and let the world know that you're the master of the Braiding World. Winners and all participants of the competition will be contacted for the company's important marketing events and given the opportunity to collaborate during the company's events. This is a great opportunity for you to showcase your name and reputation in various places!

Date & Time

4/6/2024, 1:00 PM 


Beauty Master Orlando

7175 W Colonial Dr. Orlando, FL 32818



Selected 3 of 20 contestants
* The winner will be decided
   after the competition.

1st Place : $1000 + Ring Light ($100 Value)
2nd Place : $500 + Ring Light ($100 Value)
3rd Place : $300 + Ring Light (
$100 Value)

Application Deadline

10 Finalist Announcement

4/6/2024, 3:00 PM
* Age limit: Participants must be
18 years or older.

4/8/2024, 3:00 PM

Rules and Guidelines

1) Eligibility and Application

  1. This competition is open to professional stylists, hair stylists, barbers, freelance stylists, students, and aspiring cosmetologists and stylists.

  2. Age limit: Participants must be 18 years or older.

  3. Location: The competition will be held at the Beauty Master Orlando Location; 7175 W Colonial Dr. Orlando, FL 32818.

  4. Application: 

    1. To be among the final 20 participants selected for the Braid Master Competition opportunity, all applicants must complete the online application form (Link) by March 8th, 3:00 PM. Please ensure that all fields in the application form are filled out completely.

    2. There is no application fee; it's entirely free. 

    3. Participant updates will announce through the website(events), Instagram, and email, and the final selected 20 participants are required to maintain ongoing communication to confirm their participation through email.

  5. If any of the rules or regulations are not followed, The Braid Master reserves the right to refuse participation in the event.


2) Contestant Agreement Requirement

  1. All stylists, barbers, and models are required to submit the contestant agreement form before starting the competition. 

  2. By submitting this form, both the stylists and models agree to use photos and video images by DBA BeautyMaster, BM FL LLC. Beauty Master and all other assigns.


3) Competition

  1. Arrival Time: Competitors are required to arrive at the venue no later than 12:00 PM, one hour before the event starts. Any participant arriving later than 12:00 PM will be disqualified from participating in the competition. It is crucial to adhere to the specified arrival time to ensure fair competition and allow for necessary preparations.

  2. Competition Time:

    1. The competition starts promptly at 1:00 PM and will end at 4:00 PM (3hr)

    2. All competitors must complete the braiding process from start to end at The Beauty Master Orlando Location. While some preparatory work may be done before arriving at the venue, the final execution of the braids must take place on-site.

  3. Participants should bring their own hair kits, such as braid lace, accessories, or any other tools they may need to create their braided hairstyle.

  4. Only contestants and models are allowed in the competition prep area. Any unauthorized persons in the prep area may result in points deduction for the contestant.

  5. Guests are welcome to support participants from designated viewing areas.

  6. Competitors will have the duration of the show to models and complete the final style on stage prior to the conclusion of the event.


4) Hair

  1. All participants will get a maximum of 6 packs of 3X X-Pression Pre-Stretched 58” by SENSATIONNEL per participant for the competition.


  3. During the competition, braiders are allowed to add Sensationnel brand hair as part of the styling process. However, it is important to emphasize that no additional artificial hair or human hair should be attached to the model's head before the competition begins.

  4. Model Hair

    1. Competitors must ensure that the model's hair is shampooed and blow-dried before the start of the competition. It is crucial to complete this preparation in advance to make the most of the competition time.

    2. Competitors should not attach any additional artificial hair or human hair to the model's head before the competition.

  5. Coloring: No coloring is allowed during the competition. All color treatments must be completed prior to the event. 

  6. Additional Hair: If you are willing to add additional hair other than provided, adding SENSATIONNEL brand hair during the competition is allowed. You can purchase them at the store.


5) Makeup and Attire Guidelines

  1. Model

    1. Makeup and attire should complement the hairstyle. 

    2. Your model should have their hair prepared in advance for the competition. 

    3. All necessary preparations must be completed prior to the competition, such as makeup and basic wardrobe. It is essential to have everything ready beforehand so that the hair styling can be performed efficiently and effectively. 

    4. Please note that all submissions must be presented on a live model, and no mannequins or styling heads are permitted. 

    5. All models must be dressed properly in tasteful attire, and no vulgarity will be allowed with outfits. 

    6. There are no age or gender restrictions for models. 

    7. We recommend that the clothes and accessories worn by the models are within the limits of what is legal in a public place. Nudity, genital exposure, and excessive exposure are prohibited. To prevent accidents, any excessively large accessories, very high heels, or overly large outfits will be checked by staff before the start of the presentation.

  2. Stylist

    1. All participants are recommended to wear black clothes to maintain a cohesive look.

    2. We will provide an apron.


6) Winners

  1. All participants will have the opportunity to vote for their top 3 from among the 20 participants. The judges will then select the final 3 winners from the top 5 participants based on the selections made by the participants themselves.

  2. All the winners will be promptly awarded their cash prizes within 14 days following the conclusion of the competition.


7) Provided

DBA BeautyMaster, BM FL LLC. Beauty Master and SENSATIONNEL, Hair Zone Inc. "Organizers" are responsible for providing the following:

  • Maximum of 6 packs of 3X X-PRESSION PRE-STRETCHED 58” by SENSATIONNEL.

  • Placed styling chair and table

  • Apron & Styling Cape


8) Update & Question

If we receive questions from participants, we will directly share to update the website. Please keep checking for updates.

If you have any questions or need further clarification, please contact “

 - 2023 Braid Master Competition in Orlando, FL -

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