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Morrow, GA

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Beautymaster is the #1 Beauty Supply in the US. Our annual Braid Master competition is designed to showcase the skills of the best braiders in the industry. This is your chance to showcase your skills and let the world know that you're the master of the Braiding World. Winners and all participants of the competition will be contacted for the company's important marketing events and given the opportunity to collaborate during the company's events. This is a great opportunity for you to showcase your name and reputation in various places!

Date & Time


8/5/2023, 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Beauty Master Morrow

1400 Mount Zion Rd. Morrow, GA 30260



Selected 3 of 30 contestants
* The winner will be decided
   after the competition.

We're excited to announce that due to overwhelming interest, we're increasing the finalist count in our braid competition to 30! These 30 participants will showcase their amazing braiding skills in our 'Braid Master Competition'!

1st Place : $1000 + Ring Light ($100 Value)
2nd Place : $500 + Ring Light ($100 Value)
3rd Place : $300 + Ring Light (
$100 Value)

Application Deadline

10 Finalist Announcement

7/5/2023, 3:00 PM

7/7/2023, 3:00 PM

Rules & Regulations

  • The Braid Master competition will allow professional stylists to be as creative as their abilities will allow.

  • The stylist/barber must submit an online application.

  • Any coloring is acceptable; however, the color must be done prior to the competition.

  • Makeup and attire should complement the hairstyle.

  • To make the most of your time during the competition, it's crucial to complete all necessary preparations beforehand. Every minute counts, so make sure everything is ready in advance. Preparing in advance allows you to save time during the competition for styling hair. However, please note that any additional artificial hair or human hair attached to the model's head on top of the prepping may result in disqualification, so please exercise caution beforehand.

  • Your model should have their hair prepared in advance for the competition. All necessary preparations must be completed prior to the competition, such as makeup and basic wardrobe. It is essential to have everything ready beforehand so that the hairstyling can be performed efficiently and effectively.

  • Absolutely no persons are allowed in the competition prep room except contestants and models. NO EXCEPTIONS!! Otherwise, points will be deducted.

  • Competitors will have the duration of the show to prep models and complete the final style on stage prior to the conclusion of the show. The Braid Master is a competition that is open to all hair stylists and barbers including those currently employed by salons, freelance stylists, as well as students and aspiring cosmetologists and stylists. All submissions must be presented on a live model, no mannequins, or styling heads are permitted. All models must be dressed properly in tasteful attire, no vulgarity allowed with outfits. Models may be female or male, with no restrictions. The competition will be held at the Beauty Master Morrow Location; 1400 Mount Zion Rd. Morrow, GA 30260. All competitors must do prep work prior to arriving at the venue, final touches can be done at The Beauty Master Morrow Location. By submitting an online application, the stylist and model agree to be used photos and video images by Joon Company Inc. DBA Beauty Master and all other assigns. If any of these rules or regulations are not followed, The Braid Master and Hairzone have the right to refuse participation in the event. If you are uncertain about any of the written rules or regulations, please contact a Hair Battle representative for further clarification. All winners will receive cash winnings 14 days after the competition.

Scope of Agreement & Key Deliverables

Joon Company Inc. DBA Beauty Master and Sensationnel "Organizers" are responsible for providing the following:

  • Maximum of six-packs of 3X Ruwa Pre-stretched Braid 24" for competition

  • Placed styling chair and table

You are more than welcome to bring items other than hair such

as hair accessories, hair products, a braid prep rack, and more.

You must use Ruwa pre-stretched braids by Sensationnel. 

Detailed instructions will be sent to the final 30 contestants. 



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